Monday, March 17, 2008

Something askew.

What if your friend told you they moved out of town to, say, Connecticut or New York City? They told you they lived there, worked there, ate there, slept there, had friends there and even somewhat enjoyed it. They told you details and stories, anecdotes about parties, specifics about food they eat, where they shopped, the new tights they bought.

Would you believe them? That they live there. Would you believe, even if you haven't seen them there with your own eyes and you've never actually seen them out of any context but one, one single context, would you believe that they exist outside of that? Would you believe they are where they say they are? What if they're still next door? What if they are completely deceiving you? What if they still live next door to you, and have been creating an elaborate rouse the entire time? An elaborate scheme. What if they lived in a different place than they told you they moved to? That they'd actually moved, but to a different place. A place you'd also never been, so they gave you directions when you said you wanted to come and visit and then they put up fake highway signs with arrows, deceptive arrows, that lead to their house in the place you think is where they live, but then you enter into the place that is neither here nor there. It's just what they make it up to be. It's not really anywhere, though it is somewhere, it's just not the place you think you are or that they said they were. You wouldn't be where you thought you were going, and they really wouldn't be who you thought they were anymore, right?

Though it's not likely, it's possible to be completely deceived as such, no? With a certain amount of trust and the power of technological advances, it's not likely that you would be so grossly deceived. It'd be something that was much more commonplace in the 40s or 50s, perhaps. It would have been possible then, but it's probably even possible now. Probably.


Kristen Madhuizen said...

Not true. I am living right next door to you. You just didn't know it. Damn, my elaborate schemes never work.

frogfotog said...

Dude, I'm confused. Do you still live in Minneapolis? cause i'm pretty sure I just saw you in New York like 10 days ago. That post was like something from The Twilight Zone.

frogfotog said...

dude, when are you going to eat nothing but bread for a week? or whatever. blog me up something good darling. I am starving for food for thought