Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'd rather have a beer...

Is it really that great when a bottled water company that bottles, ships and distributes water from FIJI is "going green"? Should we be happy about this? Isn't the underlying, bottom line point that there is water all over the world and absolutely NO need or excuse as to why you would have to have water sent from Fiji to your lips!? There is no logic in this. Going "green" for a bottled water company should mean going out of business, because the entire concept of bottled water is an (say it altogether now) environmental absurdity. The company, quite boldly, outlines their carbon footprint which is still apparently being calculated. This seems all well and good except for the fact that the first thing they state is:

"Bottled water contributes to a mere 0.33% of the U.S. municipal waste system, and Fiji Water comprises less than 2% of that total."

Oh, great. And plastic bags are a mere 1% and styrofome is a minimal .55%, etc. etc. etc. So, why really even bother?

The fact that the company acknowledges, on their website ("Every Drop is Green" they say) most of the points in the process in which they create carbon emissions is impressive. It's an admittance of wrongdoing, of needing to change, of their efforts to do so. But that, of course, is where things fall weak. For example, on how they are going to impact the influence on recycling of their plastic packaging, they state:

We seek to boost overall recycling rates via support for expanded curbside recycling programs and container deposit laws that include bottled water and other beverages. There are multiple bills, especially for container deposits, under consideration at national and local levels. Because the legislative landscape is changing constantly, we will post updates on the FIJI Green blog about what is happening, what FIJI Water is doing to help, and how you can partner with us to support these bills.

That's just really nothing, is it?

It is like Fiji Water is Catholic and going to confession...Admitting your wrongdoings is great, but is saying a couple of Hail Marys really going to make any bit of difference for your ethos? Really? They made a cute green website, simplistically and cartoonishly outlined their carbon footprint, but come up with very few real solutions.

Finally, I would again like to ask, WHY DOES ANYONE NEED WATER IN A BOTTLE FROM FIJI??? Stop killing the Earth with your garish commodities!


Linda Lade said...

I read this same article and could not believe that Fuji was trying to pull off this, by now ubiquitious, marketing ploy. Going green is good, but this is not going green....

frogfotog said...

Good point, E. That Fiji bizness is ridiculous. If we can get people to carry their own water containers and drink perfectly good tap water, we can put these suckers out of business. I'll bet Nalgene and Brita would sponsor us!