Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Some Good News for a Change

As the article in the New York Times Well blog states, no one is celebrating yet, but childhood obesity rates seemed to have plateaued for the moment. This is reason to be happy, as it is in the formative years that we create our relationship with food.

Interestingly, many of the comments in response to the blog make claims that there are many kids out there who are undernourished and underweight, or even pudgy because they have been overloaded by fat-phobe parents with carbohydrates and the like. Hmm.

It always comes down the same epistemological questions for me... Where and from whom do we gain our knowledge about what's good and right to put in our bodies? What do people trust that they read? Who do they consider the best authority? How much is simple, sub-conscious inundated information?

I have personally found a researcher whom I trust to listen to about the food I put into my body and my diet (Marion Nestle...and a couple others, I suppose), but I do not know much about children and who is a positive authority in that realm. Something I am thinking of looking into soon. I've often wondered, if I have kids, what will I be feeding them? I'm basically a pescatarian, but will my kids be raised as such? Probably not. Maybe though? Hmm.

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