Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm not sure what's going on over at NYU, at least bureaucratically, but I got into grad school at the last minute.

For a Master's of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.

After receiving no word for many months about the status of my application (which I sort of just applied for while living in New Haven to see what would happen), in April I emailed them. They strung me along and I finally got a letter claiming I was waitlisted. This persisted for months: me emailing them, waiting, them telling me to wait more, me waiting more, etc. Then finally one day in late June or early July, I received an email asking if I still wanted to be on the waitlist. I wrote back asking them to remove me, as I have a wonderful job which I love and could/would never just abruptly leave.

Not to mention I haven't even looked at the FAFSA, and all of this type of thing.

Soooooo...............I was off the list. Thought I might re-apply or something, but out of the blue the other day, August 26, I received another email congratulating me on my acceptance. Here's what it said:

Dear Ms. Lade:

Congratulations. An admission packet was mailed to day from the Office of Graduate Admissions. As classes begin September 2, 2008 we can update your admission to begin Spring 2009 if necessary.


I was obviously befuddled, but also sort of delighted and proud. I naturally wrote back saying that I could not attend classes that would have started today, but that I was interested in potentially attending NYU starting spring semester. So, that's where I'm at with it. Still thinking and deciding and pondering and the like.

But exciting nonetheless, to be accepted to graduate school for studies in a field which I essentially have absolutely no background in; coming from a mix of Philosophy and idealism... It feels good. It feels pretty good to have this option.


Kristen Madhuizen said...

You are a lady of many talents! Congratulations and good luck with your decision making :)

Anonymous said...

Do your FAFSA now!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I just sent in my application to the same program for Spring 2009! Good luck...and maybe (hopefully) I'll see you there!