Monday, April 6, 2009

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it's mucky outside and the bottoms of even your skinniest cigarette style bright mauve jeans get wet and turn to a putrid green on the bottom. your feet hurt anyway because you are too fashionable not to wear the booties from the steven by steve madden store that your sister and you would call 'grenades' for les pieds. god they are tight, how can boots be tight? my feet aren't swollen. your father texts you back, "ha ha", we make jokes. people seem to filter much of their conversation through humor in these times. was it always like that? the last recession or depression seemed so goddamn bleak, my god, those dorthea lange fotos with what look like fly covered children and strong white women who looked gaunt but so tough. we aren't so interesting as americans anymore, are we? just floating along? but we are totally different, aren't we? my professor says in times of economic downturn, often great ideas come about. okay, she was much much less interesting; she said it is often a time of entrepreneurship. entrepreneurship as a word doesn't sound much compared to 'great ideas'. i prefer to think that there are 'great ideas' about. perhaps why i listen to songs on repeat. i often find so much music disatisfying and i can never figure out a proper volume to play it on my ipod. when the train comes it's way too quiet but then ... oh nevermind.
but anyway, this is certainly not dickens! but it is, isn't it? can we not dramatize our current state? melodramatize. god i love a good show. but it is precisely the fact that attitudes are the opposite of down-trodden, there is more intresting modes to be in, isn't there? we are surpassing our former selves. are we moving from capitalism? please please please let it be so a bit.
so class is over and you are going to work and then when work is over you will go home and finally your day will begin and you will finally feel. eat.

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