Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lagerfeld Redeemed?

After the Plus Size-Fashion post earlier this week, I stumbled upon this on Jezebel:
Beth Ditto Strips, Stage-Dives...
An article talking about how Beth Ditto, notorious front singer of The Gossip who constantly flaunts her fecundity and non-conformity, was performing at a show for Paris Fashion Week in an outfit designed by none other than Karl Lagerfeld (former heavy person) who made very sweeping remarks seen three or four posts down about the necessity for a svelte 'impeccible' physique that he liked to design for.
Ditto's been popping up on runway front rows all week, I've noticed. But why would she do so if she couldn't even fit into haute couture stylings?
Curious, I read a bit more about Ditto and found this on Wikipedia: "Recently she has refused to play in-store at Topshop stores citing her dissatisfaction with their clothes range not available in her size. She went as far as to offer to design clothes for them saying, 'Give me the job. I want to design. I want you to make clothes for big girls - big boys. I want you to make big sizes.'"

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