Wednesday, March 11, 2009

love for obama mama

Article in the NYT yesterday about how the First Lady champions The Cause, though when reading this article there is a distinct factor that is overlooked in its comparison of the White House family to the average American family: they have their own private chef. Do the Obamas enjoy cooking themselves? The reason people so often default to fast food chains is because they are not inclined to wield a sautee pan themselves or are 'pressed for time'. It can not be overlooked in the paradigm shift of American thought on food that preparing, touching, making, tasting as you go are all absolutely imperative elements in becoming acquainted with what is entering your body.
I will certainly give this article its due kudos, however, because it shows the realness of 'the problem' for Americans on so many levels, from the president's kids to homeless people--we all need fresh, healthy foods. It was nice to read an article compositing all of Mrs. Obama's efforts and her frankness about the issue.

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