Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"i will make bok choy for u."


osteoporosis is scary! i'm learning about bones right now in physiology. and if you do not fortify your bones well enough by the time you are young, you have a lot to work on when you're older. sure sure, this probably isn't news to you, but some of the details were to me... most bone growth is finished around age 15, and the last couple years before that are vitally important. this means the foundation is sort of set. beyond that, what we are basically attempting to do is help prevent deterioration within our bones, so eating lots of calcium-rich foods is still important, but also is going to the gym and doing weight-resistant exercise. bones are not as static as you might think--they change with changes in their environment and what you take into your body. they are even affected by the sun we get, as UV rays synthesize vitamin D which in turn aids in our absorption of calcium, hence creating stronger bones. when you challenge your bones with strength training (resistance exercises) they respond internally and become stronger themselves.

bok choy is a traditional chinese vegetable rich in calcium, vitamin C and vitamin A. also, it's cheap and delicious! so easy to make too...just wash, chop a bit and sautee with some of your favorite seasonings (i definitely recommend ginger as one element). This baby bok choy and cashews recipe looks delicious.

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